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Diaper Discipline – POV, Messy Diaper Spanking (Roleplay)

You need to learn that doing #2 in your diaper is not OK! But if you’re going to act like a baby and soil your diapers all day, then you need to get punished too. Bad little boys get spankings, and I’m not going to hold back! Get that dirty diapered ass up in the air, because Mommy’s going to punish you now. No, no, no… don’t you dare cry. You’re practically asking to be punished by the way you’ve been making such a filthy mess in your pants. All that nasty pee and p00 is going to get smeared all over your sore little bottom from my spankings, and that’s what you deserve.

Throat Fetish – Taboo, Smell Fetish, Charli Piper

*FAN SUBMISSION* I thought I’d try internet dating, but when my date shows up I immediately recognize her. Charli Piper is my brother’s fiancé! She smells so sweet, and when I lean in to get a better whiff, I’m drawn in by her delicate throat. How could I resist sliding my tongue along such a long slender neck? Her breath smells so good too, everything about her neck and mouth is making my pussy tingle… I have to get more of her smell… I want the smell of what’s hidden under her wet panties.

Ass Licking - POV Jerk Off Instruction Cum in My Mouth  

Guess what I’m not wearing? Panties! Wanna see? I show you my pussy, but I know what you really want is further south. Bending my legs over my head, I invite you closer to sniff my ass before you run your tongue over my filthy hole. Makes your cock hard, doesn’t it? I want you to touch it, it turns me on that you like my ass so much. Stick your tongue in deeper, I wanna feel you lick my insides. Keep stroking your cock to the taste of my butthole, I want you to cum. In my mouth. Keep stroking ’til you’re almost there, then I’m gonna get on my knees and count down. When I get to one, I can’t wait to feel each squirt of your cum on my wet hungry tongue.

Anal - Fingering Ass to Mouth Layla Price  

I can’t get enough of this gorgeous blonde Layla Price with her adorable face, cute yet dirty personality, and jiggly round ass. If I had a dick I’d want to get it all up inside her… but without one of those I have to use my fingers. Layla’s ass envelopes my finger as I rub her beautiful pussy. She feels so slick and smooth inside her dirtiest hole, I want her to taste it. Slowly, I remove my finger from her bottom end and bring it to her face. Layla looks deep into my eyes as she sucks her ass flavor clean. Two girls naked except our stockings, we then each finger and taste our own asses. My dirty mind takes over - I wanna feel the inside of both our asses at the same time. Layla allows me to penetrate her filthy hole again with my finger as I finger fuck my own ass, and I feed her her ass flavor while I taste mine.

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